The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.10.16
Ep 224 | 11.10.16

Yahoo! warns Verizon deal may be at risk. More OPM-themed ransomware phishing. Cyber policy advice for, and speculation about, the next US Administration.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we look back at election hacking concerns in the US (most of which didn't happen) and we hear from some people who offer advice for the next administration's first 100 days. Fancy Bear is phishing with Adobe and Microsoft zero-days. Investigation of the Tesco fraud continues. It looks as if the Bangladesh Bank might recover some of its losses in the SWIFT heist. There's an OPM-themed phishing campaign afoot. Server database issues point up the importance of digital hygiene. More Yahoo troubles. Markus Rauschecker from the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security explains new FCC privacy rules. Chuck Ames, Director of Cybersecurity for Maryland, describes new regulations for companies looking to do business with the government. Advice for the next US President. And, Marines, happy birthday and semper fi.