The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.14.16
Ep 225 | 11.14.16

Russian banks suffer IoT botnet DDoS. Fancy Bear's still phishing. Lessons from Tesco fraud. Third-party risk hits Michael Page. Casino Rama data breach. Adult website loses data for 339 million accounts. FTC litigation. Moscow anti-trust case.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we follow up on last week's DDoS against Russian banks. Fancy Bear's been poking at think tanks, and ESET has a rundown of Fancy's fancies over the last couple of years. DDoS can be low and slow as well as high and noisy. Banks consider cyber lessons learned from Tesco heists. International recruiter Michael Page blames a third-party for data loss. Canada's Casino Rama—that's the casino's name—sustains a breach. A family of sites none of you would visit is also breached—we tell you because you're probably asking on behalf of 339 million friends. LabMD wins a stay against the FTC. Level 3's Dale Drew considers the changing nature of the IoT. And Kaspersky takes Microsoft to court in Moscow on an anti-trust beef.