The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.9.16
Ep 242 | 12.9.16

Korean cyber alert amid a presidential impeachment. Germany calls out Fancy Bear for influence ops. Georgia—the Dixie one, not the one in the Caucasus—demands a cyber explanation. Holiday phishing, the enduring DDoS threat, and BOLO Gennady Kapkanov.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, South Korea braces for the North to take cyber advantage of a constitutional crisis, but so far all's quiet. (Or most is quiet, anyway.) Germany takes official notice that Fancy Bear is working to disrupt next year's elections. The US state of Georgia thinks DHS may have tried to penetrate its election system post-election, and it wants to know what's up. ISIS is back online, and calling for attacks against Americans and Shiites. A phishing campaign trolls customer service reps with fileless malware. Experts expect more Mirai-driven DDoS. Rick Howard from Palo Alto Networks tells about the Cybersecurity Canon. Caleb Barlow from IBM Security explains the importance of a well practiced resiliency plan. And the Avalanche criminal kingpin is on the lam after being sprung from a Ukrainian jail.