The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.21.16
Ep 250 | 12.21.16

Grid hacking in Ukraine? German terror investigations. Airliner vulnerability dispute. NIST wants post-quantum crypto standards. Project Wycheproof. Wassenaar update.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear about Ukraine's investigation of Saturday's power outages around Kiev—speculation says it was either a demonstration or misdirection. German police track terrorists' spoor online. Pakistani hackers hit Google's Bangladesh domain, possibly for the lulz. (Speaking of the lulz, OurMine is back and messing with Twitter accounts.) Panasonic and IOActive disagree over reports of airline vulnerabilities. Verizon mulls its Yahoo! acquisition plans, post-breach. NIST is looking for some post-quantum standards. Google's Project Wycheproof gets good early reviews. Joe Carrigan from the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute discusses the utility of burner email addresses. Sam McLane from Arctic Wolf reviews your incident response plan. Wassenaar renegotiation goes on hold. And the ShadowBrokers offer a low, low price, for Equation Group code, if you act now. (But we say "pass.")