The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.11.17
Ep 263 | 1.11.17

Shamoon is back, now with credentials for virtual desktops. Ukraine believes it was hacked again. Ransomware updates. Elections, investigations, and influence operations. The Pokemon threat?

Show Notes

In today's podcast we learn that Shamoon is back, and still a nasty piece of work. Ukraine's grid was hacked again last month, probably by the same people who did it at the end of 2015. A new strain of ransomware offers a tiered extortion model (and unfortunately pretty solid encryption). France and Britain prepare for Russian election hacking. Awais Rashid from Lancaster University outlines the human factors in cyber security. Limor Kessem from IBM Security discusses their recently released ransomware study.The debate over influence operations flares again in the US. And China still finds Pokemon threatening.