The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.25.17
Ep 272 | 1.25.17

Cleaning ransomware out of the Play Store (but snakes still get into the walled garden, so watch your apps). Vigilantes, vulnerabilities, and industry news.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear about Russia's arrest of a Kaspersky Lab threat researcher (charges are said to be unrelated to Kaspersky). Charger ransomware is detected and ejected from the Play Store. Mobile users are urged to watch their apps—too many snakes are still getting into the walled gardens. RATs evolve and return to the wild. Shamoon 2 expands its target set. A database vigilante may be out there. Awais Rashid joins us from Lancaster University to share thoughts on IoT devices in healthcare. Michael Lipinski from Securonix wonders if state actors have become a convenient excue. Cyber fraud rises in the United Kingdom—it's safer for the crooks than stickups. M&A and venture funding news. And that Verizon-Yahoo! deal remains up in the air.