The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.17.17
Ep 289 | 2.17.17

International norms of cyber conflict. Fancy Bear's tradecraft (with a side of дезинформа́ция). RDPPatcher, Cerber, Ticketbleed, and Hermes. And the vibe around RSA 2017.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we talk about hybrid warfare, with disinformation, cyber espionage, and spyware infestations—we also hear calls for norms of cyber conflict. BugDrop is active in Ukraine, and researchers see some cut-and-paste oddness slip from Fancy Bear's paws. A new X-Agent variant is out: this one infects Macs. Ransomware thumbs its nose at security products. A look at RSA trends as the conference closes. A conversation with City of San Diego CISO and author Gary Hayslip. Rick Howard from Palo Alto Networks on a new addition to the Cyber Canon that's all about DevOps. And where do we get one of those "Has no purchase authority" T-shirts?