The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.13.17
Ep 304 | 3.13.17

Vault 7 updates—observers speculate about an inside leaker. Pre-loaded Android malware raises supply chain concerns. Ransomware in Japan. Convincing Chrome-spoofing malware. GCHQ warns UK parties to expect Russian influence operations.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we review some speculation about Vault 7 that holds the leaker was an insider. (But there's no specific insider named, yet—the investigation is still in its early stages.) Supply chain security issues are raised by both Vault 7 leaks and discovery of pre-loaded malware in some Android devices. Bitcoin won't get its own ETF, yet. Japanese companies willingness to "pay to make it go away" is seen playing into the hands of ransomware extortionists. Dr. Charles Clancy from Virginia Tech's Hume Center surveys the end-to-end encryption debate. Novetta's Dr. Corey Petty previews his upcoming Etherium smart contracts presentation. GCHQ warns Britain's political parties to expect Russian influence operations in the general election.