The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.14.17
Ep 305 | 3.14.17

Canadian government sites recover from the Apache Struts vulnerability. FireEye's M-Trends report is out, calling out greater sophistication in financial cybercrime. USAF accidentally exposes SF86s. Vault 7 update.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear about how the Apache Struts bug has bitten in Canada. FireEye sees financial cybercrime approaching state espionage exploits in sophistication. The US Air Force leaves sensitive personal information exposed in a backup database. Investigation into WikiLeaks' Vault 7 continues. Okta files for its IPO. Ben Yelin from the UMD Center for Health and Homeland Security reviews a mobile device privacy bill. Adam Thomas from Deloitte outlines their latest cyber insurance report. And today is Patch Tuesday.