The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.15.17
Ep 306 | 3.15.17

Influence ops, third-party apps with an appetite for permissions, and criminal competition. Google purges malicious apps from the Play Store. Advice for whistleblowers. Farewell to Becky Bace.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we look as influence operations in the UK and in Europe: the former emanate from Russia, the latter from Turkey. Third-party social media apps increase your attack surface. Petya ransomware is stolen and improved by rival crooks. Google purges bad apps from the Play Store. Patch Tuesday notes. A convicted leaker offers some unexpected wisdom for prospective whistleblowers. Lawyers can't figure out the GDPR. US said ready to indict four for the Yahoo! breaches. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs discusses the effects of high profile breaches on Dark Web markets. Justin Harvey from Accenture Security wonder if private sector attribution is dead. And we bid a respectful farewell to Becky Bace, one of our industry's thought leaders.