The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.27.17
Ep 314 | 3.27.17

Lone wolves howl to each other over WhatsApp? Industry yawns at WikiLeaks zero-days. How online gamers cheat. America's JobLink breach update. Ukrainian artillery hack notes. April 7 deadlines.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that British police think ISIS not-so-lone wolves may have been howling over WhatsApp. WikiLeaks still disgruntled over its disclosure offer's cool reception. March-Madness is also phishing season. How and why online gamers cheat. GiftGhostBot drains gift-card balances. States mull next steps after the America's JobLink breach. CrowdStrike walks back some claims in its Ukrainian artillery hacking report, but insists the hack was real, and that signs point to Fancy Bear. Lancaster University's Awais Rashid warns of the use of open source intel in social engineering. Wall Street Journal tech reporter Sarah Needleman explains the esports cheating arms race. April 7 marks two deadlines for cyber actions; observers hope for two fizzles.