The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.28.17
Ep 315 | 3.28.17

Updates on Cozy Bear and Shamoon tradecraft. Crypto wars flare in the UK. FBI warns of attacks against FTP servers. Typosquatting, scareware, and other problems.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear how Cozy Bear slips through with domain fronting. Shamoon's infection methods are revealed. The crypto wars flare over not-so-lone wolves, but there are some genuine lone wolves out there as well. Medical and dental practices warned against attacks on FTP servers. A networked sterilizer is, well, digitally unhygienic. Docs dot com search functionality temporarily disabled. Remember, if you want to reach the G-men, it's FBI dot GOV, not dot com. The UMD Center for Health and Homeland Security's Ben Yelin examines a case where a defendant's expertise is being held against him. Brian Brunetti from Route1 warns about VPN insecurity. Scareware hits iOS users. And a Brooklyn prosecutor gets bad advice from the old heart.