The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.31.17
Ep 360 | 5.31.17

Exploit-of-the-month club open for business. Disinformation technology. Lazarus Group tied to North Korean intelligence (again). Extortion is big, but carding is still with us. Spammy apps in Google Play.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that the ShadowBrokers open their exploit-of-the-month club at the low, low price of $22,000 in Zcash. Group-IB finds more evidence that the Lazarus Group is a North Korean intelligence unit. Extortion, both real and bluffing, grows in underworld popularity, but carders are with us still, alas. President Macron tells President Putin everyone's on to his use of Russia Today and Sputnik News for disinformation. Accenture's Justin Harvey explains red-teaming. Ely Kahn from Sqrrl outlines NIST's call for comments on their cybersecurity framework. And if you're a regular Joe or Jane looking for some Android action, take this advice straight from the shoulder: steer clear of Star Hop and Candy Link.