The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.17
Ep 365 | 6.7.17

Farewell to Jean Sammet, co-developer of COBOL. Remembering Midway. NSA leak investigation. Signs of Russian disinformation in the Gulf. Data breaches, script kiddies, EternalBlue, and Turla.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we say farewell to a legendary coder, and we also remember the Battle of Midway. Influence operations in the Gulf may have been Russian. Alleged leak of NSA report on election hacking proceeds. Two new data breaches are disclosed. A script kiddy is arrested in Japan for writing and distributing ransomware. EternalBlue remains a risk. Johns Hopkins' Joe Carrigan reviews research on cracking mobile device passwords using accelerometers. Eliana Schwartz describes the Cybertech Fairfax conference. Turla resurfaces, and they've new backdoors and everything. But what's their thing with Britney Spears?