The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.21.17
Ep 396 | 7.21.17

Hansa Market takedown. Recovery from EternalBlue exploits is a long slog. Banking malware rising. Power grid vulnerabilities. Devil's Ivy and the IoT. A look at criminal markets.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear about an international raid that took down the illicit Hansa Market—which, it turns out, the Dutch National Police had covertly taken over for about a week. Recovery from WannaCry and NotPetya continues its long slog. Banking malware is on the rise in the wild. Studies warn of power grid vulnerabilities. Devil's Ivy infests security cameras in the IoT. Digital Shadows offers a look at hackers' black markets and see similarities to the drug trade. Our newest partner Robert M. Lee from Dragos introduces himself and the ICS work he does. Guests are Leslie P. Francis and John G. Francis, coauthors of the book, “Privacy - What Everyone Needs to Know.”And our congratulations to Dr. Whitfielf Diffie, the newest Fellow of the Royal Society.