The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.3.17
Ep 405 | 8.3.17

WikiLeaks dumps Dumbo dox. HBO's hack gets bigger. Group IB outs the United Islamic Cyber Force. Cerber goes after Bitcoin. Lawsuits over NotPetya; more companies warn. Election fraud in Venezuela.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that WikiLeaks has dumped "Dumbo" project documents. Separation of agencies as a way of rendering leaks less likely. HBO's hack is getting bigger, apparently. Group IB outs members of the United Islamic Cyber Force to Interpol. Cerber goes after Bitcoin. WannaCry ransom payments are being moved, perhaps laundered. Lawsuits loom over NotPetya as more companies warn the malware had a material effect. The FBI says you can't exercise your right to be forgotten by DDoS. Election fraud in Venezuela. Markus Rauschecker from UMD CHHS on large companies like FaceBook and Google being vulnerable to privacy and antitrust concerns. Jim Pflaging from the Chertoff Group, promoting their upcoming Security in the Boardroom event, speaking to the role of the board director when it comes to cyber security.And your guests can eavesdrop on you through your Amazon Echo. (But why would you have those people over anyway?)