The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.17.17
Ep 415 | 8.17.17

Email brute-forcing. Aadhaar woes. Leaked Equation Group exploits remain a problem. Hijacked Chrome extensions. Pulse wave DDoS. FBI interviews "Profexor." Extremism and vigilantism. OurMine hacks HBO Twitter, Facebook.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that Holyrood is defending itself with some success against email brute-forcing. India's national ID system compromised, again. ShadowBroker-leaked exploits continue to do damage. Hijacked Chrome extensions prove difficult to eradicate. New variants of Locky and other ransomware are out. "Pulse wave" DDoS attacks are observed. Researchers find DDoS-as-a-service for sale in Chinese online souks. Governments express suspicion of foreign IT. Extremist site loses hosts, but its content will go on, even as opposing vigilantes mistakenly dox innocent targets. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs with thoughts from Black Hat and shifting awareness of the dark web. Brad Stone from Booz Allen on a recently released report on NotPetya. And OurMine hijacks HBO social media accounts.