The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.30.17
Ep 424 | 8.30.17

Phishing and watering hole alerts. Is DPRK stealing Bitcoin? NHS Lanarkshire ransomware identified as Bit Paymer. Onliner spambot has hundreds of millions of email addresses. St. Jude pacemaker patch.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear warnings against taking the Hurricane Harvey phishbait. The IRS says that email telling you to download a questionnaire and return it to the FBI isn't from them. Why you really don't want that tutorial in tumbling Bitcoin. Sources accuse North Korea of stealing cryptocurrency. Trickbot is back, and it's swiping Bitcoin. The ransomware strain in Scottish hospitals was Bit Paymer. More than 700 million email addresses found in the Onliner spambot. UK retailer suffers breach. St. Jude pacemakers get a firmware patch. Robert M Lee from Dragos on cutting through the hype. Joseph Loomis, promoting the upcoming IR17 event. And some industry notes.