The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.18.17
Ep 436 | 9.18.17

Russian dogs not yet barking in German elections. ISIS is doing a lot of howling at lone wolves. Equifax updates. CCleaner found unclean. OurMine hacks Vevo to avenge its honor.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we note reports that, while Germany will hold elections Sunday, Russian cyber operators seem quiet. Too quiet? Switzerland and Singapore both report sustaining state-sponsored cyber espionage attempts. ISIS howls for its lone wolves to hit soft targets. The Equifax breach news isn't getting any better. Cisco finds a backdoor in an Avast security product. Chris Poulin from Booz Allen Hamilton, our newest industry partner, introduces himself. He leads the Internet of Things security strategy in Booz Allen’s Dark Labs, as well as dabbles in Machine Intelligence. He joins BAH from IBM, where he lead their X-Force research teams and built the first prototype Watson for cybersecurity.OurMine hackers hit Vevo to redress an insult delivered over LinkedIn.