The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.11.17
Ep 452 | 10.11.17

Israel said to have tipped the US off concerning Kaspersky risks. Accenture databases exposed. Deloitte breach may be worse than initially thought.

Show Notes

In today's CyberWire, we discuss why the US Intelligence Community got prickly about Kaspersky: their Israeli colleagues tipped them off that something was fishy in the software's use. UpGuard says Accenture left some AWS data buckets exposed. Accenture says they were associated with decommissioned systems, but exposed they seem to have been. Sources say Deloitte's breach is worse than hitherto disclosed, with more than three-hundred clients exposed. Joe Carrigan from JHU ISI with some follow-up from a listener on password security when using password managers. Brian NeSmith from Arctic Wolf with results from an IoT ransomware survey.