The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.8.17
Ep 472 | 11.8.17

Fancy Bear's new moves. OceanLotus and Sowbug cyber espionage groups active. Notes from CyCon, and a look at industry news.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear some industry news today, briefly, before we get to the cloak-and-keyboard stuff. Fancy Bear has some new dance steps. OceanLotus and Sowbug, threat actors, not plants or insects, as you might be forgiven for thinking, snoop on ASEAN and Latin America, respectively. Notes on international law and the future of cyberwar from CyCon. Joe Carrigan from JHU on the difficulties in reporting vulnerabilities. Robert Rodriguez from SINET on the trends he sees from the companies winning the SINET 16. And Appleby insists the Paradise Papers were not an inside job.