The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.13.17
Ep 474 | 11.13.17

Vault 8 and false-flag allegations. Mole hunting. Equifax breach costs. ISIS returns to WordPress defacements. RoK domestic political influence scandal.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear how Vault 8 has succeeded Vault 7 among WikiLeaks dumps (but it's still all CIA all the time from Mr. Assange and company). GCHQ expresses concerns about Kaspersky anti-virus products. Media reports suggest that NSA is in the middle of a big mole hunt. Equifax begins to tally up the costs of its breach. The US Intelligence Community reiterates its conclusion that dog bites man, or rather, that Russia wants to work mischief with the United States. ISIS defaces school websites. Bin Laden fils [feess] takes up his late father's mantle online. Some notes on South Korea's domestic influence investigations. A look back at the SINET showcase. Rick Howard from Palo Alto networks discussing “vendor in depth” and “best of breed” strategies.