The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.30.17
Ep 485 | 11.30.17

Breaches, extortion, and insider threats. Credit bureaus and GDPR. HP addresses spyware allegations. When is a snack bag more than a snack bag?

Show Notes

In today's podcast we learn that British shipping giant Clarksons was breached but refuses to pay hackers extortion. The US House may be reaching consensus on surveillance authorities. INSCOM mops up Red Disk leak. The US Defense Department may have more work to do countering insider threats. HP denies reports of spyware in its PCs. Apple fixes High Sierra. Credit services think through the implications of GDPR. Robert M. Lee from Dragos, reviewing ICS and natural gas. Shaun Walsh from Cylance on AI. And snack foods, mens rea, Faraday cages, and employment law.