The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.21.17
Ep 500 | 12.21.17

More data found exposed in an AWS S3 bucket. EtherDelta's DNS impersonation issue. DPRK says it doesn't hack. FISA Section 702 nears sunset. Wassenaar updated. Kaspersky says its due process rights have been violated.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we suggest a new year's resolution all organizations should make: resolve to configure your cloud services for privacy and security. Another cryptocurrency exchange gets hacked, this one by DNS hijacking. North Korea finally says it had nothing to do with WannaCry, but few are convinced. The Lazarus Group continues to be a prime suspect in cryptocurrency theft. Section 702 nears sunset. Wassenaar seems to have become friendlier to researchers. David DuFour from Webroot on quantum computing and AI. Guest is Joseph Carson from Thycotic on stolen passwords on the black market. And Kaspersky Lab wants redress in court.