The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.30.18
Ep 525 | 1.30.18

Netherlands financial sector recovers from DDoS. Lizard Squad, Mirai, and coin mining. IOTA wallets emptied. Snooper's Charter loses in court. US House may release surveillance memos. Strava OPSEC.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that the Dutch financial sector is well on its way to recovering from the recent DDoS wave, which could be the work of anyone from teenaged skids to some nation's intelligence service. Lizard Squad may have a connection to Mirai. The reptiles are also getting into the coin mining business. Patient phishing relieves IOTA cryptocurrency users of the contents of their wallets. UK's Snooper's Charter smacked down by High Court. US House Intelligence Committee votes to release classified memo on surveillance. Jonathan Katz from UMD on the “fuzzing” of private healthcare information. Guest is Michael Simon from Cryptonite with results from their 2018 Health Care Cyber Report. US military personnel get an OPSEC lesson on Strava.