The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.2.18
Ep 528 | 2.2.18

JenX botnet and DDoS-for-hire. RoK CERT warns of Flash Player zero-day. Cryptocurrency mining and scamming. ICS security trends. Twitter cleared in terror trial. The Nunes Memo is out.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that the JenX botnet will conduct DDoS-for-hire, if you've got twenty bucks. South Korea's CERT warns of an Adobe Flash Player zero-day being exploited in the wild. Bitcoin's price drops below $9000, but miners and scammers are still after this and other cryptocurrencies. BeeToken's ICO is used to phish for Ethereum. ICS security reflections in the wake of the Triton/Trisis attack. The 9th Circuit rules that Twitter didn't provide material support to ISIS killers. Rob Lee from Dragos on the security of wind power systems. Guest is Dana Simberkoff from AvePoint, with a discussion on women working in privacy, and why it’s one area where we are doing well at getting and equal number of women engaged. And the Nunes Memo is out, declassified and unredacted.