The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.5.18
Ep 571 | 4.5.18

Facebook agonistes. Really agonizing. Ad-supported apps like them some data. Sino-US trade tensions and Chinese cyber espionage. Russian wet work and disinformation. Western reprisals.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that Facebook's troubles are getting worse: more people's data were scraped, deleted videos were archived by Facebook, and so on. Appthority finds a more general problem with ad-supported apps: they're all hungry for data. Sino-American trade disputes are thought likely to find expression in cyber espionage. China's more interested in confidential financials than in IP. Russia and the West remain at loggerheads. One tip from Sweden on countering Moscow's info ops: don't get caught dancing in yellow rain boots. Joe Carrigan from JHU on power companies charging a premium rate for bitcoin miners. Guest is Larry Cochran from Claimatic on how driverless cars and automation is changing the landscape for insurance carriers.