The CyberWire Daily Podcast 4.18.18
Ep 580 | 4.18.18

More cyber battlespace preparation. Hacking as the continuation of war by other means. Ongoing social media privacy concerns. Tech glitch extends tax deadline. Notes from RSA.

Show Notes

Reconnaissance and staging in cyberspace, with Five Eye warnings to Russia. Privacy class action suit complains of Facebook facial recognition. Australia joins the ranks of ZTE sceptics. Cyberwarfare discussed at RSA: retaliation, deterrence, renunciation, and a private sector push for international norms. Attention tax procrastinators: the IRS says it was hit by a glitch, and not hacked. Zulfikar Ramzan from RSA with thoughts on the conference. Guest is Kevin McNamee from Nokia, discussing threat intelligence and mobile device ransomware.