The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.3.18
Ep 591 | 5.3.18

Lojack for Laptops backdoor? World Cup cybersecurity. Schneider Electric patch. Reward points for sale. Medical device vulnerabilities. PPD-20 revision?

Show Notes

In today's podcast we look at some indications that LoJack for Laptops might have been compromised to report back to Moscow. World Cup cybersecurity. Schneider Electric patches developer's tools. Travel and hospitality rewards points are the menhaden of the black market. Medical device vulnerabilities. Taking the gloves off Cyber Command. It's National Password Day, and Microsoft (along with many others) would like to move beyond the password. And a requiem on Press Freedom Day for working journalists murdered by the Taliban. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS discussing who’s responsible when an AI kills someone. Guest is Edna Conway from Cisco on pervasive security architecture and third party risk.