The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.10.18
Ep 596 | 5.10.18

Cyber conflict between Iran and the US widely expected. ALLENITE threat group is after US, UK power grids. Jack-in-the-Box vulnerability. Signal's memory. Is ZTE going down?

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal is widely taken as heralding a new round of cyber conflict. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are seen as an asymmetric way of war. The ALLANITE threat group is observed successfully reconnoitering US and UK electrical power grids. Jack-in-the-Box does nasty things with images. Signal's self-deleting messages don't, or at least they don't always. And US sanctions may be putting ZTE out of business. Robert M. Lee from Dragos on the sliding scale of cyber security. Guest is Jonathan Matkowsky from RiskIQ with concerns over ICANNs pending interim policy changes on the WHOIS database in response to GDPR.