The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.22.18
Ep 604 | 5.22.18

Speculative Store Bypass. GPON-based botnet. Customer data exposures. Roaming Mantis gets more capable. Nation-state threats.

Show Notes

In today' podcast we hear about the Speculative Store Bypass vulnerability that's been found in most current chipsets. GPON-based routers assembled into botnets. Comcast and TeenSafe close vulnerabilities in transmission and storage of customer data. Roaming Mantis banking Trojan acquires new functionality. Is Moscow waiting for the World Cup to conclude before going on cyberattack? How about Iran and China? Will DPRK hacking be on the summit agenda? And GDPR is coming Friday, to some information near you. Emily Wilson from Terbium Labs on the notion of fear vs. empowerment applied to security. Guest is Sam Elliott from Bomgar with a review of their 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report.