The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.23.18
Ep 605 | 5.23.18

Variant 4 and other chipset vulnerabilities. Confucius and Patchwork. Turla goes two-stage. Misconfigured not-for-profit bucket. ZTE's fraying lifeline. Facebook and the EU. Brain Food.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear a bit more on Variant 4—we may see more like it. Mitigations are under preparation. The Confucius threat group modifies its approach to targets. Turla adopts a two-stage infection technique. A misconfigured AWS S3 bucket exposes a California not-for-profit's clients. ZTE's lifeline may not be so strong after all: the US Administration wants significant concessions and the US Congress seems to want none of it at all. Facebook's EU testimony gets tepid reviews. And a botnet is pushing smart pills and diet supplements—not that any of you will be tempted. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on risk management and uncertainty. Guest is Sung Cho from SEWORKS on research they did on the security of fitness apps.