The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.30.18
Ep 609 | 5.30.18

More North Korean malware identified. EOS scanned for misconfigurations by parties unknown. Canadian banks won't pay extortion. Stay away from Joker's Stash. Crime and punishment.

Show Notes

In today' s podcast, we hear that the US has attributed two more strains of malware to North Korea. And whether you call them Hidden Cobra or the Lazarus Group, it's the same reliable crew of Pyongyang hoods. More trouble for the ICO world as unknown but probably bad actors scan for misconfigurations in EOS blockchain nodes. Canadian banks decline to pay extortion. Joker's Stash counterfeits show there's even less honor among thieves than you may have thought. Baratov gets five years for the Yahoo! hack, and "Courvoisier" gets a solid ten-year sentence for multiple crimes. Justin Harvey from Accenture with thoughts on GDPR. Guest is Ruvi Kitov from Tufin on why automation should be in wider use than it is.