The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.1.18
Ep 611 | 6.1.18

Lazarus Group updates. Cybercrime's GDP. New Zealand a Chinese espionage target? ZTE and Huawei criticized. BND will continue to monitor Frankfurt hub. Google's knowledge panels.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that the Lazarus Group may be on (relative, selective) good behavior. A study suggests that if cybercrime were a country, it would have a GDP comparable to Russia's. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service warns, in the nicest way possible, that Chinese spies are out to get New Zealand. ZTE and Huawei come in for more criticism. The BND gets a court victory in Leipzig. Google's ground-truth algorithms are looking a little truthy. Joe Carrigan from JHU ISI with follow-up on listener comments from last week’s iOS vs Android discussion. Guest is Todd Inskeep from BAH with highlights from a talk he gave at RSA on NotPetya