The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.18
Ep 615 | 6.7.18

New criminal campaigns out and about. Fancy Bear changes style, but not management. VPNFilter hits more devices. CloudPets overshare, but maybe more benignly than Google and Facebook.

Show Notes

Iron Group said to use Hacking Team source code to build a backdoor. Operation Prowli both cryptojacks and sells traffic. Fancy Bear may be getting noisier. VPNFilter has a more extensive set of victim devices than previously believed. ZTE pays a billion dollar fine. CloudPets are oversharing via an unsecured server. The US Senate wants answers from both Facebook and Google about their user data sharing with Chinese companies. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University on the security of Industrial Control Systems. Guests are Kyle Lady and Olabode Anise from Duo Security covering their annual report on authentication.