The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.21.18
Ep 625 | 6.21.18

Malicious apps, a clever botnet, and cryptojacking. Patch notes. EU copyright regulations. Congress still doesn't like the cut of ZTE's or Huawei's jib. Tesla sues a former employee.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear about a malicious app that will save your battery, but it will also install a backdoor, steal information, and click on a bunch of ads. A sophisticated and patient botnet, Mylobot, is observed in the wild, but it's not yet clear what it's up to. Cryptojackers exploit a known (and patched) Drupal vulnerability. Vectra finds tunnels. Google adds security metadata to Android apps. Cisco patches. The EU's proposed copyright regulations attract little love. Congress pursues ZTE and Huawei. And Tesla sues a former employee. Ryan LaSalle from Accenture, on the opening of their new Cyber Fusion Center. Guest is Ned Miller from McAfee on their “Winning the Game” report on the gamification of security training.