The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.13.18
Ep 640 | 7.13.18

Fancy Bear indictments. VPNFilter found in Ukrainian water-treatment chlorine plant. Comment spam. Speculative execution side-channel attacks. MDM exploits in India

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that Special Counsel Mueller has secured an indictment of twelve Russian intelligence officers for hacking during the 2016 US presidential elections. Ukraine finds VPNFilter in a water treatment facility. Comment spam returns. Speculative execution issues. Mobile-device-management tool used against smartphone users in India. The US Army directly commissions two cyber operators—congratulations, First Lieutenants. Ben Yelin from UMD CHHS on California’s consumer privacy ballot measure. Guest is Martin Hellman, professor emeritus at Stanford University and known for his work on Diffie–Hellman key exchange. His new book is A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home and Peace on the Planet.