The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.27.18
Ep 650 | 7.27.18

Fancy Bear sniffs around Senatorial staffs. US NSC considers Russian election interference. Chinese and Iranian cyberespionage. Malware loaders. Smart home bugs. Stealing WiFi.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we learn that Fancy Bear is said to be snuffling around at least one US Senatorial office. The US National Security Council meets to consider Russian election interference. Notes on Chinese and Iranian cyberespionage. New malware loaders are offered on the black market. Smart home hubs are shown to be hackable. Tenable enjoys a good IPO. A burglar in Silicon Valley didn't say, your money or your life, but rather, dude I'm outta data—can I have your WiFi password? Dr. Charles Clancy from VA Tech on the security aspects of digital vs analog RF spectrum. Guest is Lisa Beegle from Akamai with info from their State of Internet Security report.