The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.9.18
Ep 659 | 8.9.18

State-sponsored ransomware campaigns coming? DarkHydrus and Phishery. Hitting ATMs for alt-coin. US sanctions Russia. IBM looks at artificially intelligent malware. Black Hat notes.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that Tehran seems ready to follow Pyongyang into state-sponsored theft to redress financial shortfalls: cryptocurrency ransomware looks like Iran's preferred approach. DarkHydrus uses commodity tool Phishery in Middle Eastern campaign. Jackpotting cryptocurrency ATMs. The US imposes sanctions on Russia. Reality Winner's sentencing date announced. IBM looks at artificially intelligent malware. The mob's role in the cyber black market. What's the bigger gaming threat, sideloading apps or the Fortnite dance? We're asking for a friend. Awais Rashid from Bristol University on issues with software warranties. Guest is Cheryl Biswas from the Diana Initiative, a conference in Las Vegas celebrating diversity, women in security, and how to pursue a career in information security and technology.