The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.10.18
Ep 660 | 8.10.18

DPRK RAT in the wild. Vulnerable WPA2 4-way handshake implementations. Black Hat notes. Sanctions and retaliation. RoK to reorganize Cyber Command. PGA and ransomware.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that US-CERT is warning of a North Korean RAT. Researchers find vulnerable WPA2 handshake implementations. A sales call results in inadvertent data exposure. Notes on Black Hat: circumspection, hype, barkers, and artificial intelligence. Russia braces for US sanctions and promises retaliation. South Korea will reorganize its Cyber Command. The PGA is hit with ransomware. Guests are Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, authors of the book The Red Web.