The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.24.18
Ep 670 | 8.24.18

More action against Iranian influence operations. Tehran's cyberespionage against universities. Counter-value targeting in cyber deterrence. Sino-Australian trade war? Law and order.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that Google has put the cats out. Secureworks describes an Iranian cyberespionage campaign targeting universities. That DNC phishing campaign is confirmed to be a false alarm caused by a Michigan misstep, but almost fifteen million voter records appear to have been inadvertently exposed in Texas. The US tells Russia to knock off the influence operations, and some suggest a counter-value deterrent strategy to tame the Bears. China warns Australia its new government will face trade retaliation for banning ZTE and Huawei. Reality Winner gets five years, and two Minnesota lawyers go away, too. Ben Yelin From UMD CHHS on attempts by the State Department to establish international norms for behavior for cyber. Guest is Theresa Payton from Fortalice Solutions, addressing hype vs reality when it comes to blockchain, AI, and the IoT.