The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.30.18
Ep 674 | 8.30.18

Twitter bots in Swedish politics. A different approach to influence operations. Hotel guest PII for sale. Medical device vulnerabilities. Charges in the case of the Satori botnet.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that Twitter bots have shown up in Sweden's political discourse. Not so much Chinese hacking for influence: Beijing seems to prefer funding sympathetic cultural and research centers. 130 million hotel guests have their PII offered for sale on the dark web. Medical device vulnerabilities are disclosed, and hospitals are urged to patch. Nexus Zeta faces charges in a US Federal Court, apparently in connection with the Satori botnet. Mike Benjamin from CenturyLink with an update on the Necurs botnet. Guest is Gilad Peleg from SecBI on the challenges of secure BYOD policies.