The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.12.18
Ep 682 | 9.12.18

Executive Order mandates election interference sanctions. British Airways regulatory exposure. Patch Tuesday notes. EU passes copyright law. Russia says no to Novichok. WhatsApp scam.

Show Notes

In our podcast we hear that a US Executive Order issued today will impose sanctions on foreign actors following a determination that there's been an attempt at election meddling. The Executive Order covers both hacking and propaganda. British Airways may receive a heavy fine under GDPR for its recent breach. The EU passes controversial copyright legislation. Russia says the accused Novichok hitmen didn't do nothin'. And watch out for Olivia on WhatsApp—she's not what she at first seems to be. Jonathan Katz from the University of Maryland, with a cryptocurrency bug story from the MIT media lab. Guest is Robert Block from SecureAuth + CoreSecurity, with best practices for securing Office 365.