The CyberWire Daily Podcast 9.19.18
Ep 687 | 9.19.18

State Department cybersecurity issues. Iron Group's pseudoransomware. Bristol Airport's deliberate recovery. State of cryptojacking. Facebook offers campaigns help. US cyber strategy. Mirai masters.

Show Notes

In this podcast, we hear that the US State Department has acknowledged an email breach. The criminal gang Iron Group is hitting targets with data-stealing and data destroying pseudoransomware. Bristol Airport continues its slow recovery from whatever hit a at the end of last week. A cryptomining study is out. Facebook offers help to political campaigns. The new US cyber strategy is out. ICOs get regulation. Mirai masters get suspended sentences in recognition for the help they've rendered the Government. Daniel Prince from Lancaster University with thoughts on asset-based risk assessment. Guest is Ray Watson from Masergy on soft targets.