The CyberWire Daily Podcast 10.12.18
Ep 703 | 10.12.18

Busy Bears, again. Mixing IT and OT is a risky business. New Android Trojan. Supply chain seeding attack updates. Facebook purges more "inauthentic" accounts. Data privacy. Cyber sanctions.

Show Notes

In today's podcast we hear that Ukraine says it's under cyberattack, again. ESET connects Telebots and BlackEnergy. Port hacks suggest risks of mixing IT and OT. Talos finds a new Android Trojan. Skepticism over Chinese supply chain seeding attack report continues. Facebook purges more "inauthentic" sites—this time they're American. Data privacy regulation is trending, in both Sacramento and Washington. EU will consider cyber sanctions policy. NATO looks to cyber IOC. Alleged SIM-swappers arrested. Jonathan Katz from UMD on the use of a cryptographic ledger to provide accountability for law enforcement. Guest is April Wensel from Compassionate Coding on her work bringing emotional intelligence and ethics to the tech industry.