The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.9.19
Ep 756 | 1.9.19

ICEPick-3PC in the wild. Influence ops warning in Israel. Hackerangriff and a lone hacktivist. OXO and Magecart. The Dark Overlord wants you. Oversharing. Internet autarky. Kaspersky helped NSA?

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we hear that ICEPick-3PC is out in the wild and scooping up Android IP addresses. Shin Bet warns of influence operations threatening Israel’s April election—much predictable yelling and finger-pointing ensues. German authorities are pretty convinced Hackerangriff is the work of a lone, disgruntled student. OXO may have suffered a Magecart infestation. Dark Overlord’s labor market play. Facebook sharing. Internet autarky. And did Kaspersky finger an NSA contractor to NSA for mishandling secrets? Dr. Charles Clancy from VA Tech on security gaps in the 5G specification. Guest is Denis Cosgrove from Booz Allen Hamilton on the growing connectivity and autonomy in motor vehicles.