The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.17.19
Ep 762 | 1.17.19

Cyber espionage vs. the RoK MoD. Fancy Bear’s old Lojax tricks. US rumored to be prepping another case against Huawei. Database exposure in Oklahoma. Yes Men prank Post.

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we hear that South Korea’s Defense Ministry has disclosed a cyber espionage incident. Fancy Bear sticks to its old tricks with Lojax. The US Justice Department is rumored not to be done with Huawei—this time an IP theft beef is believed to be coming. A big database exposure case in Oklahoma. And an update on yesterday's bogus Washington Post edition: it was a prank by the Yes Men. Mike Benjamin from Century Link with an update on the Mylobot botnet. Guest is Angie White from Iovation on PSD2, the payment services directive update.