The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.30.19
Ep 770 | 1.30.19

US IC on cyber threats. Iran goes after PII. UAE surveillance described. Scanning for unpatched routers. Huawei’s possible fates. Scam exploits child. FaceTime disclosure. Facebook Research.

Show Notes

In today’s CyberWire, we hear that US Intelligence Community leaders testify that the major cyber threat comes from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Iran’s APT39 takes an interest in PII. A UAE surveillance program is revealed. Hackers scanning for unpatched Cisco routers. What Huawei faces, in addition to fines. The FaceTime bug and responsible disclosure. Facebook was paying people to pwn their phones. Scam artists exploit a small disabled girl. And the Government shutdown’s mixed effect on cybersecurity. Craig Williams from Cisco Talos on Pylocky, a ransomware strain they’ve been tracking. Guest is Mark Orlando from Raytheon on safeguarding online information.