The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.7.19
Ep 776 | 2.7.19

Social engineering and the power of brands. Insecure check-ins? APT10 is quiet but not gone. MacOS Keychain bug. Assessment of Chinese device manufacturers continues.

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we hear about social engineering, with a few new twists. Some airlines may be exposing passenger data with insecure check-in links. APT10 may be lying low, for now, but the US Department of Homeland Security expects the cyber spies to be back. A researcher finds a macOS Keychain bug, but would rather not tell Apple about it. Governments in Europe and North America continue to assess risks associated with Huawei and ZTE. And a Trojan hides in The Sims 4. Awais Rashid from Bristol University with thoughts on the challenges of securing smart phones. Carole Theriault explores recent concerns over popular video app VLC Player security issues with Sophos’ Paul Ducklin.