The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.14.19
Ep 800 | 3.14.19

Indonesian election security. Watering hole in Pakistani passport site. RAT hunting. “Intelligence brute-forcing.” Just-patched zero-day exploited. PoS DGA attack. Operation Sheep. BND advises “nein” to Huawei.

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we hear that Indonesia says it’s got its voting security under control, and a lot of the problems sound like good old familiar fraud and dirty campaigning. Trustwave warns of a watering hole on a Pakistani government site. Recorded Future goes RAT hunting. Proofpoint offers a look at “intelligent brute-forcing.” Kaspersky reports on two espionage APTs exploiting a just-patched Microsoft zero-day. Flashpoint describes an unusual point-of-sale attack, and Check Point find Trojanized Android apps. Germany’s BND warns against Huawei.  Robert M. Lee from Dragos with thoughts on the Venezuelan power outages. Guest is Jeremy Tillman from Ghostery on the California Consumer Privacy Act.